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Irene . Prospit Dreamer . Maid of Rage . Land of Canyons and Cobalt .

Sprite: Octobear . Strife specibus: Scalpelkind . Fetch Motus: Elemental . Pesterchum: cyanideAbsoultism

Drunk Scientist to the Farmstuck


u think this is funny tumblr


u think this is funny tumblr

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And then Dad was gone. You watched, eye wide as he moved like a grey diamond over a blue field. You only hearing his fatherly wisdom in the back of your mind, and you are hoping he opens his mouth and says something. 

You’d even take one of his smartass remarks, the ones Mom used to hate— and you wonder for a split second if she’s okay. Maybe there is a different part of space, just for her and Dad is trying to get there, or maybe to her— time allowed them to be all together and only in your timeline was your family ripped appart by your session.

Your eyes focus However, all you see is Dad and the falling stones, two green imps following with him, the other foe already tumbling into the inky black. To you, Dad falls in slow motion, standing on a rock perfectly still and he’s smiling, like he normally does. 

"Be good," He mouths, "Irene— I am your father." 

And then, he too is gone. 

Why the fuck did he use a Star Wars quote?

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▷ —» Irene: Enter

And it’s your world, simply laid out in front of you. A small slice of the medium just for you and your sprite. And he has simply floated beside you, offering up what it could as you push through your world. 

It’s a little twinkling mass on the outskirts of your universe. You’ve deduced this through the telescope that had been mounted to the back of your house and the sheer temperature of your world. The ground lovely shades of dark blues that follows the dips of the land, some of the canyons filling with water and solid cobalt. Some sort of dark colored vegetation also litters the tundra. 

You suppose it’s a theme, but the blues and blacks seem to fill the world and you and your multicolored sprite are white outlines moving across a dark field and into the realm of blues. Of course it makes sense your world follows a theme, you grabbed things that followed a theme: Scalpelkind and a Periodic Table Syalldex? Yes, your grabbed things from school and work, bringing your love of science into the game.

However, it’s worked so far. Your imps seem to be a little bit more coherent than you thought they would be, one has figured out how to get past the abandoned cars and the security system that you put together in a rush. However, they haven’t torn into your home or wrecked any of your nice things.

I guess one could say you still have nice things.

However, you had managed to lead them back out into your world before slaughtering them with one of your many scalpels. However they have left plenty of grist and you’ve tossed around the idea of alchemitizing better scalpels, but you simply do not know how much grist your team has. Maybe, when Dylan gets back on skype you can ask him if there is any way to set grist up in a draw account, so all of your team can draw on the pool of grist you all will collect.

But, you don’t even know if your friends are in their worlds yet. None of them have answered the main chat, and you’ve left messages through skype and pesterchum— but you suppose that they have their own problems to worry about (mainly imps and whatever else these worlds have thrown at them). 

However, it would be grand to see them! You’ve simply been moving through your land, your coats whipping around you as you struggled through and hoped to make contact with someone, because honestly Octobear means well— but the huggy bastard has almost broken one of your arms already. 

Someone needs to answer your messages. 

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